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At Drake Consulting Group, LLC, we’re changing the way you think about money. Our exclusive clientele consists of executives, hedge fund managers, medical professionals, attorneys, business owners and successful people from all walks of life.

The Management Team and all Representatives of Drake Consulting Group, LLC are on a mission to help you, our client, design and implement effective and efficient financial strategies. Unforeseen events can strike at any time; uncoordinated financial decisions can also affect your financial future. By using a unique and powerful economic modeling system and a clear process, we can assist you in organizing your own personal or business model. Coordination, integration and balance are essential - using the model we can analyze any financial decision you make to help ensure you are fully protected, and help ensure your short and long term financial goals are maximized. With several decades of combined experience, a hands on client education approach, and the strength of risk managing over $2 billion, Drake Consulting Group, LLC empowers you to decide which actions you wish to take to help improve and preserve your financial position.